Fields Within Repeatable Sections

How fields within repeatable sections behave when used in Logic, Tokens and Calculations inside of that section

Please make sure you are familiar with repeatable sections before continuing.


When a repeatable field (a field within a repeatable section) is used within the same repeatable section, a generic version of the field is used. We refer to these generic versions of repeatable fields as base references.

Each instance of a repeatable section is self-contained in the context of the repeatable section as a whole. This means that every repeatable field can only be referenced from within the same numbered instance of the repeatable section, for example, instance #2 cannot reference fields in instance #1.




When applied to logic, base references refer to the instance of a field that is within the same instance as the logical rule ie, a logical rule in instance #n is evaluated using instance #n's version of the field.

In the example below, the logical rules on the fields Phone number:, Email address: and Address: in the 1st instance are evaluated based on the answer to Best contact method: in the first instance (section heading "Person #1").

Likewise, in the second instance (section heading "Person #2")., those same rules are evaluated using the response given to the in the 2nd instance of Best contact method:.



Like self-contained base reference logic, base reference tokens display the answer to the field within the same instance.

See the example below where Applicant #1 - Full name: is used as a token in the first instance and Applicant #2 - Full name: is used in the second instance.


Similarly, a calculation in repeatable sections that reference a field in the same repeatable section will always use the base version of that field. In the example below, the calculations Profit from sale #1 ($): and Profit from sale #2 ($): are performed using the purchase and sale price fields within their respective instances.