Find-and-Replace in Content Control Names

The Word plugin can be used to find and replace the names of content controls within your template.

To find and replace content control names

  1. run the word plugin (method here);
  2. enter the desired search term in the "Content Control Title" (search string);
  3. enter replacement term in the "Replacement text'";
  4. select "match exact" and/or "match case" as required (see below);
  5. in the template, highlight the search area where the replacement should take place (use CTRL-A to highlight everything if the find and replace should take place over the whole document); and
  6. click "Replace Selection".


Match Exact and Match Case

Using match exact and match case allow you to adjust your search parameters to give you more control over what is replaced:

  • When "match exact" is selected, only content controls with titles that match the search string will be replaced with the replacement text. If "match exact" is deselected, content controls that contain the search string will have the search string replaced with the replacement text eg, replacing "BC" with "YZ" will change "ABCD" to "AYZD".
  • "Match case" performs the initial search using a case sensitive search string.
  • Deselect "match case" if you want the initial search to be case insensitive.


Find Out More

To learn how to:

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  • Detect common errors, please click here.
  • Search for content controls, please click here.