Installing the Word Plugin

Rulestar's Template Tool is a plugin for Microsoft Word that has a customised range of useful Visual Basic macros to assist you in building your templates. Installing the word plugin is a simple process that is explained below. Note, the word plugin is only compatible with Windows PC's.


How to Install the Word Plugin

  1. Download the word plugin here.
  2. Navigate to your Microsoft Word 'STARTUP' folder at the following address:


    If 'AppData' is not displayed, you will need to display hidden items. To do so, navigate to the 'View' tab of your file explorer and select 'Hidden Items' directly above 'Show/hide'. The 'AppData' folder (and other hidden folders) will now be visible.

    If 'STARTUP' is not displayed, you will need to check the location of your Word Startup folder. In Word, navigate File > Options > Trust Center > Trust Centre Settings > Trust Locations and locate the path listed left of "Word default location: StartUp". This is your Word 'STARTUP' folder.

  3. Move your copy of the word plugin (RulestarTemplateTools.dotm) into the 'STARTUP' folder.

The word plugin will now be available next time you open MS Word.


Accessing the Word Plugin

For easy access to the word plugin, we recommend pinning it to the 'Quick Access Toolbar'. To pin Word Plugin to the 'Quick Access Toolbar':

  1. select 'Customise Quick Access Toolbar' on the top left hand of the window (next to the save, undo and redo buttons)
  2. select 'More Commands...'
  3. change the 'Choose commands from:' select list to 'Macros'
  4.  select the Rulestar Template Tools (Normal.RulestarTemplateTools).

The Word Plugin will now be directly accessible from the 'Quick Access Toolbar'.

If you do not wish to pin the word plugin, it can be accessed by:

  1. navigating to the 'Developer' tab
  2. clicking 'Macros'
  3. selecting "RulestarTemplateTools", and
  4. clicking 'Run'.



Find Out More

Using the Word Plugin is simple:

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