Navigating in Forms

Naturally, you can navigate backwards and forwards in your forms from the front end one page at a time using the "Previous" and "Next" buttons at the bottom of the form.

Rulestar also includes an intelligent navigation system that tracks your progress through the form. As you reach each section, the section heading is added to the section navigation panel.

To open the section navigation panel, simply click on the "Open Navigation" link at the top-right of the form. You can then use the menu to jump backwards and forwards between the sections you have encountered as much as you like to review your answers.

If you change an answer that will take you down a different path, the smart navigation system will automatically adapt. You can see this demonstrated in the recording below:


The smart navigation system is extremely useful when cloning submissions to edit one or more answers. This is valuable when testing longer and more complex forms. Cloning submissions and editing the answers is also an action commonly taken by end-users.