Reviewing Pane

User answers from your smart forms are "merged" into the generated document using MS Word "comments". To view all comments within your template, you should use the Reviewing Pane, a feature that displays all revisions (including comments) within a Word document. The Reviewing Pane also displays the number of comments within your template.

To access the Reviewing Pane:

  1. Navigate to the "Review" tab of Microsoft Word ribbon.
  2. Within "Tracking", select the Reviewing Pane.

The Reviewing Pane will open and display all comments as well as their author (ie, who added them to the template).



The Reviewing Pane can also be accessed directly through any comment in your template. This method will navigate the text cursor to the comment within the Reviewing Pane.

  1. Right-click the comment.
  2. Select "edit comment".
The Reviewing Pane will open and navigate to the selected comment.