Rulestar Summary

Rulestar makes it easy to automate decisions and generate customised documents.

Logic Engine

At the heart of the Rulestar system is a powerful yet user-friendly logic engine that drives all of the automation in the platform. Like Microsoft Excel, it offers unlimited combinations of logical rules – however, unlike Microsoft Excel, it provides a streamlined and simple graphical builder that empowers even novices and non-technical users to craft logical rules that fully capture their internal thought processes.

Smarter Forms

The Rulestar logic engine makes it possible to build smarter and more dynamic online forms. The ability to easily craft even complex logical rules, and quickly apply them to one or more elements in the form, means that your forms can more cleverly adapt to the user’s answers. This empowers you to take your online forms to a whole new level. Capture the expertise of individuals and teams and make it available to your whole business and even your clients.

Document Automation

Unique features in the Rulestar platform make it possible to automate the production of documents in ways you never thought possible. The logical rules that power the automation are managed separately from the document content, meaning that you can quickly and easily build solutions at a scale that can’t even be contemplated with existing automation tools.

It’s also possible to produce richly formatted documents and leverage features unique to Microsoft Word, such as sophisticated paragraph numbering and automatic cross-referencing.