Searching for Content Controls

The Word plugin can be used to locate content controls within your template. 

To search for content controls:

  1. run the word plugin (method here);
  2. enter the desired search term in the "Content Control Title" (search string);
  3. select "match exact" and/or "match case" as required (see below); and
  4. click "Find Content Control".

The results will display the first match and your text cursor will navigate to the content control's location within your template. You can press next '>>' to search for and navigate to the next match.


Match Exact and Match Case

Using match exact and match case allow you to adjust your search parameters to give you more control over what results are returned:

  • When "match exact" is selected, the search will only return content controls with titles that match the search string. If "match exact" is deselected, the search will return all content controls where the "Content Control Title" appears within the title eg, "BC" within "ABCD".
  • "Match case" performs a case sensitive search. Deselect "match case" if you want the search to be case insensitive.


Find Out More

To learn how to:

  • Install the word plugin, please click here.
  • Detect common errors, please click here.
  • Use find and replace in content controls, please click here.