Submission Data

You can access complete information about all of the answers in a submission by simply clicking on the name of the submission in the left-hand side of the submissions table – a panel will then open on the right containing the submission details, as shown in the image below:


Named Range and Replacement Rule validation

As shown in the image above, when the submission details panel is open, you can scroll down below the submission answers to see how all of the Named Ranges and Replacement Rules validated for the chosen submission. This is extremely useful for testing purposes.


Submission IDs

Each submission is given is a unique ID number/code. Submissions IDs can be useful for:

  • finding particular submissions, as you can filter the submissions table by pasting the submission ID into the custom filter input at the top-right of the table; and
  • obtaining support from the Rulestar team.

The submission ID for each submission can be found at the top of the submission details panel, as shown in the image below: