ABN and ACN Validation

ABN and ACN fields offer input validation to ensure that any ABN or ACN details are collected correctly in your smart online forms. When a valid ABN/ACN is provided, the entity name will be displayed. Both ABN and ACN fields will correctly display the ABN/ACN formatting in the smart online form and in your document if merged.

To add an ABN or ACN field:

  1. Navigate to the section where you want to add an ABN or ACN field.
  2. Select "New Field".
  3. In the field selection menu, select either ABN or ACN depending on your requirements.
  4. In the field edit panel, give the field a label and press "Save".



Validation error messages

There are two possible validation error message that can be displayed:

  1. When the format of the ABN/ACN is invalid, an error message; "This isn't a valid ABN/ACN" will be displayed.
  2. When the format of the ABN/ACN is valid but is not currently used, and error message; "No company was found with the ABN number provided" will be displayed.