Accessing submissions

Whenever a form is submitted, a "submission" is recorded in the application. To access the submissions:

  • for a particular form while you are editing it, navigate to the "Submissions" tab; and
  • for all forms for which you have access, navigate to the "Submissions" menu item in the top navigation menu.

Filtering submissions

Date filter

If you can't see your submission in the table, chances are that you need to change the date filter. By default, the table will show submissions made in the last week only.

Other filters

You can additionally type into the filter input at the top-right of the table to filter submissions by:

  • user email address
  • document name
  • submission name
  • submission ID (see here for more detail about submission IDs)

Pagination of the submissions table

Also note that the submissions table is paginated, and by default only 10 submissions are shown, so if you can't see your submission in the table, you may need to navigate to the next page or increase the number of submissions shown per page: