Number Fields

To capture a number, it is best to use a number field to ensure that only numeric digits are entered. Number fields also have format and permitted value controls to help you collect and display the number correctly. To add a number field, select “New Field” and choose “Number” from the field type window.

Number fields can be used to perform calculations. To find out more about calculations click here.

Number Format

Numbers can be captured with or without formatting. The format you choose for a number will affect how the number is displayed in the smart form and if you use the number as a merge field, how it is displayed in the document.

A number without formatting will be displayed as unformatted digits eg, “123456”. This may be useful when the number is not a value eg, an account number.

There are four number formats that you can choose from that indicate that the number has a numeric value. Each format contains a specific combination of periods, commas or spaces eg, “123,456.78”. A number format is useful when you want to collect or display a number that has a value, such as a number of items or a dollar amount.

To choose a number format, within the “Properties” tab of the edit panel, select “Format”. The available formats will be displayed. By default, a number has no format.


Number Precision

If you choose to use one of the four number formats, a new property, “Precision”, will appear. The precision of a number is the number of decimal places that it has. For example, “5.123” has 3 decimal places. By default, a number will have zero decimal places.

Number format and precision

Permitted Number Ranges

Number fields can have a minimum and maximum value. The minimum and maximum value provide an inclusive lower and upper bound on what numbers will be accepted by the number field.

Minimum and maximum values are great for making sure a number provided by a user in the online form makes sense for what you are expecting to collect. For example, a minimum value of 0 will ensure that no negative numbers can be entered.

When both the minimum and maximum values fall in the range -10 to 10, the valid integer options will be displayed as options that can be selected, resembling a select list field.