Payments Page

Where to find all the details relating to payments processed through the e-commerce platform

The payments page can be found in three locations; the top menu bar under 'Payments', in the published version of a Form under the 'Payments' tab and inside each Client's page, also under the 'Payments' tab.

Here you'll find all the details you'll need to track and audit payments made through the e-commerce system built into Rulestar.  Most of the columns are fairly self-explanatory but we'll explain a few of the less obvious ones in this article.

The Receipt Number is an internal ID attributed to each payment by Rulestar.  This is also found at the top of the receipt sent to the purchaser.

The External ID is the transaction ID provided by the payment processor (Stripe in this case) and will be useful if you need to track the payment through their systems.

Discount Code is a reference to any discount codes (or coupons) used in conjunction with the purchase.  This includes both the code and the short description of the promotion.

Finally, Status refers to the status of the transaction with the payment processor.  If payment has gone through the this will be 'Successful', if payment has been declined the status will read 'Failed' and any in-between state is 'Pending'.  This can be filtered using the 'Status' button next to the text filter.

As with all the tables in Rulestar, you can search columns using the text filter, sort by clicking the column headings and a separate date filter can be applied with the (calendar) button.