Repeatable Named Ranges

Before reading this article, please familiarise yourself with repeatable sections and named ranges.


The role of a repeatable named range is to condense multiple named ranges, each referring to one instance of a repeatable section, into one named range.

For example, the following three named ranges (one for each instance 1, 2 and 3)


are equivalent to the following repeatable named range:


Every repeatable named range must contain the repeat variable "{{Repeat}}" in its label. When a form is submitted, a repeatable named range is treated as multiple separate named ranges - one for each repeat (from 1 to the maximum number of repeats).

To make a repeatable named range:

  1. in the named ranges tab, select "Add",
  2. give the named range a name that includes the repeat variable,
  3. select the desired repeatable field from the field selector and the 'Repeat' subcomponent,
  4. complete the logical rule (with an operator and answer), and
  5. select "Add" to save the range.