Upload Fields

With an upload field, your form can easily gather specific files from the end user filling it out. You have two options for setting upload fields that determine what file formats can be uploaded and how the uploaded file can be utilised: Merged Image and Attachment.

  1. Merged Image - used to gather image files which can then be inserted into documents or simply recorded as part of a submission
  2. Attachment - used to gather a wider range of file types, such as images, PDFs, Word documents and ZIP archives. You can specify what file extensions are accepted. When a file is uploaded as an attachment, it can be downloaded when you download your generated documents, either on the submissions page or, if document emails are active, when it is emailed to you.

To find out how to merge an image into your document template, read this article on merging images.

Using Upload Fields in a Form

Upload fields operate as 'drag-and-drop' fields in the forms, allowing users to upload files by dragging them from their device and dropping them into the cutout displayed in the field.  Files can also be uploaded by browsing the device using the native file explorer.