Hidden Fields

There are some situations where you will want to utilise the functionality of a field without displaying it in your smart online form. In this situation, you can set the field to "hidden" so that it is not displayed.

The most common usage of "hidden" fields is for performing calculations where the output is to be used for logic within the form or merged into your document, without being displayed in your form.

Fields may also be hidden for use in:

  • tokens where you want to display conditional field labels based on logic, and
  • child and intake forms to hide questions that you know will never be relevant to a group of form users or you only want to collect a subset of the total required information.


    Hiding a field is easy – just follow these steps:

    1. In the builder, click the edit icon for the field (which looks like a pencil) and then select "Properties".
    2. Click the "Hidden" radio option and "Save".

    The field will now display a red background in the builder and will not be visible in your online form.