Nested Named Ranges

In addition to the field-based logic that can be applied to fields and sections, named ranges can have logical rules that are built using other named ranges. This simplifies the process of applying complex logic to named ranges and reduces the need for the repetitive copying and linking of rules and rulesets from multiple named ranges into one named range. When creating a rule based on a named range, there are two options available:

  1. that the named range validates true; or
  2. that the named range validates false.

The process of nesting named range is easy. In the "Named Ranges" tab, press the edit button (that looks like a pencil) and "Logic Builder" to navigate to the logic builder and click to add a new rule. Selecting the question component will open a drop-down list of all fields and named ranges that you can use to build a logical rule, with the named ranges listed first. Select the relevant named ranged - the operator in the middle will always be "=". Finally, select either true or false, depending on your requirements, then "Apply" and "Add" or "Save".