Logic Overview

The core of the Rulestar platform is a powerful logic engine.

Rulestar's smart form and document automation technology is powered by a central logic engine, which enables you to produce highly complex logical systems easily, without even a single line of code.

Where logic can be applied

Logic can be applied to the following components of the system:

  • (fields/sections)  fields and sections in the online form;
  • (options)  options within form fields (to learn about logic on options, see here);
  • (Named Ranges)  range of conditional content in MS Word; and
  • (Replacement Rules)  find-and-replace actions on the compiled MS Word content (to learn about logic on Replacement Rules, see here).

True or False?

The concept is very simple:

  • the field/option will be displayed to the user in the form;
  • the range of conditional content will be included in the generated document; and
  • the Replacement Rule will run,

if the logic for that element validates as true.

Another way of thinking about it is that everything will be included unless the logic for it validates as false.

Fields in the online form

As shown in this tutorial, fields in the form have a logical flow from the top of the screen to the bottom in the builder - ie, fields that are higher up in the form will show before the fields below, unless logic prevents them from showing.  So with form fields, it may be easiest to think as follows:

Fields/sections in the form will be displayed to the user in the order of top-to-bottom unless the logic for the field/section validates as false.

To learn more about applying logic to fields and sections in your smart online forms, start here.

Ranges of conditional content

It be helpful to think similarly in respect of ranges of conditional content in your automated documents - ie:

By default, everything in your document template will be included in the final document, but if the logic for a range validates as false, the content in that range will be removed before the document is generated.

To learn more about defining ranges of conditional content in your documents and applying logic to those ranges, start here.