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"Repeat" Component of a Repeatable Field

When "Repeat" can be used as a subcomponent in logic, calculations and tokens

Please make sure you are familiar with repeatable sections before continuing.


To reference a field within a repeatable section outside of that repeatable section (ie, later in the smart online form, named ranges and replacement rules), you need to specify which repetition of the field you are using.

You do so by selecting a "repetition subcomponent".

In addition to the specific repetition values (1, 2, 3 etc) and the "Any" and "All" Subcomponents, there are certain situations where there is an additional subcomponent: the "Repeat" subcomponent.


Repeatable named ranges

The main use case of the "Repeat" subcomponent is to create repeatable named ranges. Repeatable named ranges reduce multiple incremented named ranges (eg, Person#1, Person#2, Person#3 etc) into one named range that repeats for each repeatable section.


Linking repeatable sections

Within the smart online form, the "Repeat" subcomponent is used to "link" repeatable sections.

This is useful in assisting the smart online form to collect specific types of information in different stages. For example, when you collect multiple person's details early in a form, and throughout the form, you want to collect further information that relates to each person.

The "Repeat" subcomponent acts as a link between the same numbered repetition of multiple repeatable sections, eg, the third repetition of different repeatable sections.

The main advantage offered by the "Repeat" subcomponent is that it can offer you greater control over the structure of your smart online form.

As demonstrated in the calculation below, the field reference of a field with a "Repeat" subcomponent is the base field reference.