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  2. Document Templates

Uploading templates

The process for building an automated document typically follows this process:

  1. Build initial form fields
  2. Tag initial named ranges of content in your document template
  3. Create the logical rules for those named ranges
  4. Add initial merge field markers into the document
  5. Connect your document template with the form <-- you are here
  6. Run error checking
  7. Test and publish

Connecting your document template to your online form is easy. Simply open the draft version of the form in the builder and navigate to the "Settings" tab. There, you’ll see that the "Document Template" box is open. Now simply drag and drop the Word file from your file explorer into the box, or click the "Browse For File" button to select it. Then hit "Save".

For version control purposes, to update the template in the published version of the form, you must first upload it to the draft version and then publish the draft.

You can see an overview of the main edits to the form, including new template uploads, in the "History" panel of the Settings tab in the builder.