Warnings before deleting Sections, Fields and Options

Logical flow from top to bottom

As shown in this tutorial, fields in the form have a logical flow from the top of the screen to the bottom in the builder - ie:

  • fields that are higher up in the form will show before the fields below, unless logic prevents them from showing; and
  • if a field is represented in the logic for another item, the field must be positioned above that item.

How a field can be used in the elements below it

There are 4 ways in which a field can be referred to within the elements that appear after it:

  1. in logic on a later field or section;
  2. in logic on an option within a later field;
  3. in a calculation within a later field; and/or
  4. as a token within a later field or section.

Warnings before deletion

If a field is used in any of these ways, before deleting that field, a warning message will appear showing in detail all of the places where the field is used.

A similar warning will be shown before deleting an option within a field if that option is used in any later logic.

TIP: Although any resulting errors will be flagged (see here for more detail), before confirming the deletion, copy the content of the warning to your clipboard and paste it somewhere safe so that you can refer to it again, as this can be helpful in correcting the errors that will be caused by the deletion.