Text Fields

A text field is a basic plain text entry field. All text is entered, merged and displayed as a token on a single line.

For text entry that includes multiple lines or paragraphs and/or other rich text, see the text area field.

Use a text field to perform calculations (see string calculations) that return text (also called a string). 

Field Options

The following options are available to customise a text area field:


Text Format

The text format options allow you to control how a text response is merged into your documents and how they are displayed as tokens in your form. To find out more about the text format options, click here.


Min and Max Characters

The min and max characters property set the minimum and the maximum number of characters that are accepted in a text response. For example, a response requiring at least 20 characters.


String calculations

Certain calculations (that return strings/text) are performed in "Read-Only" or "Hidden" text fields.